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Spiritual Therapy Approaches

In addition to other therapy approaches, the client has the option to unite their spirituality and worldview with their life and work. If the client would like to try this optional, spiritual approach, they can dive deeper into themselves, searching for who they are and what their inner truth holds. Whether someone was raised with a particular religious structure or has just now started to ask deeper questions about spirituality, spiritual therapy can help. In this approach, the client can find their own spiritual path; they can gain control over their truest selves instead of mindlessly reacting to external factors in their typical routines. The two therapies listed below can assist the client on their journey to greater spiritual understanding.

Existential Therapy

Humans can feel alone in the world and, through this approach, the client will find meaning in their life while having the choice to discover what frees them. The client will be able to focus on their future, take responsibility for their actions, and directly face any anxieties.

Jungian Therapy

The client will tap into their unconscious to find what makes them unique and have purpose. This is accomplished by understanding the client's dreams, philosophy of life and view of life as a whole. The client will be able to understand more of their meaning in life by going deeper into their soul.

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